Must-try restaurants in San Bernardino

Among the many things San Bernardino is known for, it is the birthplace of the very first McDonald’s outlet. However, the area’s selections are by no means confined to fast food.

With the cost of living in San Bernardino being 57% less than in Los Angeles, you’re bound to have more cash in reserve, enough for splurging on the wonderful food churned out by award-winning chefs. And you’re in for a surprise with the amazing dishes here that will make food trips among the best things to do in San Bernardino.

Living in San Bernardino allows you access to an eclectic array of international cuisine: The very best Indian, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Mexican and American restaurants here will keep you and your appetite coming back for more.

Here are six of the very best restaurants in San Bernardino, with exciting choices to satisfy every palate:


    1. New Delhi Palace-Cuisine of India
      2001 Diners Ct

      New Delhi Palace is hands-down the best Indian restaurant in San Bernardino. Known for its abundant buffet, attentive and kind staff, and hospitable owner, this restaurant brings you the incredible flavors of North India coupled with extremely fair pricing.Since the 70s, they’ve been serving up a wealth of authentic vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, paired perfectly with their delicious naans and parathas.Enjoy a tasty lunch buffet selection, which includes their moist and flavorful Tandoori chicken, as well as their incredible pakoras and palak paneer. Wash everything down with a delicious mango lassi (mangoes slow-churned with yogurt) or choose from their wide selection of fantastic beers!


    1. Miyagi Sushi
      228 East Baseline Street

      People flock to Miyagi Sushi for the best all-you-can-eat sushi in the IE. The food choices here are extensive, fresh and amazing; and the atmosphere, buzzing.This place is pretty small but gets very busy, thanks to their high-quality food, more-then-ample servings, and excellent service.The octopus is cooked just right, nice, soft, and slightly chewy. The sushi rolls are mouth-watering and deliciously umami. And it won’t hurt to end your meal with a complimentary scoop of refreshing green tea ice cream.


    1. Rosa Maria’s
      San Bernardino branch: 4202 North Sierra Way, Wildwood Park

      The San Bernardino branch of Rosa Maria’s is the plain and simple answer to your cravings for Mexican flavors. There’s nothing more Mexican than their homemade burritos and signature dishes that are bursting with flavor.The best and freshest ingredients make a difference in every dish concocted here. Have a delicious hand-dipped chile relleno burrito or enjoy their crisp fire-roasted peppers and tomatoes on top of your choice of filling meat dishes.Grab a meal on the go or sit down for great food with excellent service.


    1. Alfredo’s Pizza and Pasta
      251 W. Baseline Street

      Alfredo’s has a small mom-and-pop feel, but the place gets pretty packed. Luckily, the staff is really good at handling the rush, with the food served quickly and piping hot.You’ll love the manicotti – “little muffs” in Italian. The tubes of pasta are perfectly al dente, stuffed, baked, and topped with a wonderfully seasoned sauce to make a hearty one-pot meal. It’s worth paying a little extra to pile on more of their cheese!


    1. Hilltop Collection (formerly The Castaway)
      670 N. Kendall Drive

      Nestled in the hills of San Bernardino is the IE’s best romantic restaurant, formerly known as The Castaway. Dine underneath the stars, with a graceful waterfall tinkling softly into a sparkling pond and manicured gardens providing an enchanting backdrop to a memorable dining experience.Now under new ownership, this restaurant continues to host special events on top of serving the most delectable dishes listed on their menu. You can also partake of their weekly Sunday champagne brunch and the most glorious views that make this hilltop restaurant a favorite local getaway.


    1. Rose Apple
      1981 Diners Court

      From the moment you walk in, Rose Apple will immediately greet you with the renowned Asian hospitality. You get seated fairly quickly and your orders are taken efficiently with the least fuss.Choose from an array of curry, noodle, and stir-fry dishes or just opt to have everything! Try the Seafood Love Boat with shrimp, squid, green mussels, bamboo shoots and bell peppers with a flavorful house curry sauce brimming with authentic Thai flavors. Or have the Rose Apple Elegance sizzling platter with sautéed King crab leg, shrimp, and crab meat. The Penang fish and drunken noodles with chicken are dishes that will tempt you to lick your plate clean.



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