Selling Probate Property Located in Another State or Country

Selling probate property can be challenging, even in ideal circumstances, but when your property is located in another state or country, those challenges increase significantly! If this is you, consider the following questions: 

  • Do you have the free time and flexibility to oversee remote probate real estate transaction from start to finish? 
  • How will you manage your loved one’s personal belongings (e.g., autos, boats, furniture, collectibles)? 
  • If your loved one left pets behind, how will you ensure their care and safety from afar? 
  • How will you locate and hire qualified local professionals if the property needs repairs? 

If you’re having trouble answering these basic questions, don’t despair. With the help of a qualified probate real estate agent, you can have the hands-on support and trusted boots on the ground you need to get your property ready to sell.  

Your Probate Real Estate Agent Is Your Advocate 

A probate real estate agent is your advocate throughout the sales process. To begin, he or she will obtain all mandatory written approvals from your attorney and the administrator/executor for any proposed changes to your property ― as mandated by law.  

Once these approvals are received, your probate real estate agent will: 

  1. Secure the property to ensure the property is protected and safe 24/7. 
  2. Document the property’s condition, in writing and through photography and video. 
  3. Assist with hiring contractors and service people to handle routine and emergency repairsarrange for cleaning, gardening, and trash removal, and coordinate transfer of utilities. 
  4. Provide property management free with an exclusive listing agreement. 
  5. Ensure every step is taken to close the deal ― ensuring that your attorney, escrow agency, title company, and administrator/executor are all in the loop and on the same page.   

Finding the Right Probate Real Estate Agent  

When interviewing a probate real estate agent for selling an out-of-town property, you’ll want to ask: 

  • What’s your experience with selling probate property?  
  • Have you ever worked with out-of-state sellers? 
  • What services would you provide to keep me up to date on the status of my property? 
  • What would be your strategy for ensuring you meet my goals, in terms of timing and pricing? 

Nicholas Realty Is Ready to Help  

At Nicholas Realty, we have more than 20 years of probate real estate expertise and significant experience in selling out-of-state propertiesWe have managed successful probate real estate transactions outside of California, both within the U.S. (Northern California, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Boston), as well as overseas (Australia, New Zealand).   

When you engage our services, you get the benefit of our extensive probate real estate knowledge, and our full support throughout your real estate transaction, no matter where your property is located. 

Learn more about probate real estate transactions, whether in California, out of state or out of the country — with me, Nick Caudillo. Call 866-917-4001 or email

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